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The Business Growth Advantage

Mar 23, 2022

My bud, Harlan Schillinger joins The Business Growth Advantage show this week!

Harlan is a genius when it comes to marketing law firms and widely considered the Grandfather of Legal Advertising — he is the very first in the Legal field to produce and market Television Advertising for the Legal community

Harlan has worked with more than 130 law firms in over 98 markets throughout North America. Currently, he is consulting privately only with lawyers who share his vision of increasing business, being accountable, and obtaining high-value cases.

And this week we’ll discuss:

- Where your business is now and where you should be to give you the most competitive edge over your competition.

- National Trial Lawyers Advertising Hall of Fame, and

- The most unique and accountable approach to intake and conversion

Harlan knows the business of legal marketing like no one else - I highly recommend you listen…very carefully…and take lots of notes..