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The Business Growth Advantage

Nov 25, 2020

So let's chat about trademarks versus LLCs. Now, what I'm going to do in this episode is I'm going to talk about the difference between these two different legal thingies, trademarks, and LLCs, in a couple of different ways. 

Nov 18, 2020

Today, I'm going to be giving it the quickest, shortest version of an answer that I get to a pretty loaded question, which is - Joey, how long does it take to get trademarked?

Nov 11, 2020

I know the legal side of stuff is scary and overwhelming enough. And then on top of it, we've got this layer of serious scam that you have to pay attention to. Now you might be wondering, Joey, what the heck are you talking about? Well, let me set the scene here really quickly.

Nov 4, 2020

Today you're going to discover the secrets to naming your next course, podcast, or even your next business name to avoid trademark traps.

Whenever it comes to naming anything in your business, we have to talk about trademarks.

Now this secret to naming and to trademarks has three parts to it. So I'm going to be going...